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Month: November 2017

My Etsy Store Finds

My Etsy Store Finds

Yesterday morning I was determined to stay home from Estate sales and get caught up on my listings for my Etsy stores.  That didn’t last too long.  I found a killer sale in Murfreesboro, Tennessee just down the road from us in Antioch.  It sounded wonderful.  So off we went.  I was a little disappointed in their prices even at 30% off.  But that didn’t stop me from bringing home some goodies.


This is a black Amethyst trophy vase.  The front is embossed with an Art Deco design of dancing ladies.    When you hold Black Amethyst up to the light it shows purple through the glass. It’s a really pretty piece of Depression Glass.

This is a delicate  open lace scalloped bowl.  It measures 11 inches across.  It has an open design around the rim.  The base of the bowl has a diamond design.  This would be so pretty on your dining room table with Christmas ornaments stacked in it.  It looks really delicate but is stronger than it looks.  I actually found three of these bowls in different designs and different sizes but all with the open lace edging.  How lucky is that.

Wouldn’t this be pretty on your buffet table serving punch?  It’s made of aluminum.  Quite ornate for what it is.  I haven’t seen one quite like this before.

Who doesn’t like cobalt blue and white.  This has a pretty windmill design on the front.  It has a German makers mark.  I usually think of these being Delft but it isn’t marked with the Delft name.  This is C.A.W. Germany.

If coffee isn’t your choice, how about tea?  I thought this was a brass teapot until I picked it up.  It’s totally pottery.  It is marked “Made in England”.  I haven’t measured it yet, but it looks like it might hold two cups.  It is such a pretty little teapot.

We never know what we’ll find.  I have a lot of research ahead of me.  I like to find out more about the things I bring home.  I am excited to go back this next weekend.  The same estate sale is having another sale.  The things that didn’t sell at half price will be marked down even farther.  The only thing I like better than a good sale, is good prices.  Check back and see what our new finds are.  Till then, Happy Holidays.

November in Tennessee

November in Tennessee

This is the most beautiful time of the year in Tennessee. The leaves were so colorful though not near as nice this year because of the warm weather.  Now the leaves have fallen and the chill is in the air.  I didn’t manage to get any pictures of the colors on the trees.  But in Tennessee the flowers last.

Our Azaleas bloom twice a year.  They’re still blooming in the middle of November.  They look a little worse for wear as the first frost of the year damaged some of them.  But they’re still very pretty.

My Pineapple Sage is still nice.  The blossoms are fading but they still have some color to them.  It will time to cut them back soon.  When I first planted my Sage, I thought it was an annual.  But each year the plants come back.  Imagine my surprise that first year.

My Drift Roses are still very beautiful.  These are my favorites.  They stay small and full of blooms.


Last but not least is the Ajuga field.  Nothing kills this plant.  It just keeps spreading.  Leaves cover it in the fall.  Still it grows.  Before I had an Ajuga, I wanted some   I never bought a plant.  But I did put a birdbath out.  The birds loved the birdbath.  I believe they left the Ajuga seeds behind.  Literally.  Now I have more plants than I want.  So maybe with any luck one year they will push out the weeds that plague me. 

I love the November flowers but I know they’ll soon be gone.  The leaves need to be raked and the yard needs to be gotten ready for the cold weather.  Flowers will be back soon.  Our spring comes in March.  Things start greening up.  I can’t wait.