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My Newest Vintage Love

My Newest Vintage Love

I have two Etsy stores online.  I love what I do.  The best part of selling on line is finding new and exciting things to sell.  Usually it’s an item or two.  Ron, my partner, says that for me it’s the hunt that I like best.  And I think he’s right.  I am always eager to visit that new estate sale.  I usually wait for the last day of the sale to get the best price.  Doing this, I don’t always get the best items.  There is always this battle of the cost of the item and making a decent profit when reselling it.  I’m always looking for different things to sell.  I also have a love of anything tropical and have tried to include these items in my inventory.  I changed the name of one of my stores to reflect this, Mybeachandmore.  I try to include sea shells and ocean items with the other vintage items I sell.  While thrifting with a friend this past week, I noticed Hawaiian shirts at the thrift store. They peaked my interest.  I didn’t buy any that day but came home and hit the internet for information.  Oh my goodness, I am amazed at the different patterns, styles and makers.

The colors are gorgeous.  There are many artists who make them.  I was entralled.  I ordered books to learn more. I researched the shirt makers.


I researched patterns, colors and artists. I cannot wait to learn more. I am also waiting for that special find, when I come across an early Hawaiian shirt.


The above Hawaiian shirts are from the 1970’s and 1980’s.  The earlier the shirts, the more collectible they are.  The value is also determined by who made them.  Some of the most famous and desirable are Musa-Shiya The Shirtmaker of Shoten, Ltd. and designer Elsie Das of Elsie Das’s Hawaiian Originals, who pioneered the Hawaiian shirt as we know it.   The early shirts of the twenties were made of silk and cotton.  Coconut was used as buttons on them.  I am barely touching on the history of the Hawaiian shirt.  I know that I can find them at the thrift stores.  So the hunt has expanded.  I don’t have to wait for that estate sale.  I can go to any thrift store and look.  Let the hunt begin.

Learning Something Everyday

Learning Something Everyday

I love my Etsy stores and I love selling vintage items.  I am by no means an expert on vintage.  Quite often I get questions about something I’ve listed in my store.  That’s when I learn the most.  This week I had a buyer ask me how I knew the Sandwich glass dishes I am selling were made by the glass makers of Sandwich, MA.

That question had me on the internet looking for information on Sandwich glass.  I found out that there were several companies selling a sandwich glass.  This is glassware patterned off the original Sandwich glassmakers.  Westmoreland, Indiana Glass, Anchor Hocking and Duncan & Miller were some of these companies.  The patterns varied slightly by each company.

This is a quote from the internet I found.

“The other usage of the term Sandwich Glass refers to some specific glassware patterns produced by a number of makers from the 1920s to present. These patterns were inspired by a group of patterns made popular by those Sandwich, MA glassmakers that have a flower and ornate scroll motif with the space between filled with stippling (tiny raised dots). The phrase “Sandwich pattern” would be much more accurate for these later pieces, as the common thread is the similarity of the patterns as opposed to the common locale of the various glassmakers.”

I knew enough to know that the pattern was sandwich glass but not enough to know which company was the maker.  I quickly changed my listing from Sandwich glass to Sandwich pattern.

I appreciate my shoppers and buyers so much.  They have challenged me in many ways.  My knowledge continues to grow because of them.

My Etsy Store Finds

My Etsy Store Finds

Yesterday morning I was determined to stay home from Estate sales and get caught up on my listings for my Etsy stores.  That didn’t last too long.  I found a killer sale in Murfreesboro, Tennessee just down the road from us in Antioch.  It sounded wonderful.  So off we went.  I was a little disappointed in their prices even at 30% off.  But that didn’t stop me from bringing home some goodies.


This is a black Amethyst trophy vase.  The front is embossed with an Art Deco design of dancing ladies.    When you hold Black Amethyst up to the light it shows purple through the glass. It’s a really pretty piece of Depression Glass.

This is a delicate  open lace scalloped bowl.  It measures 11 inches across.  It has an open design around the rim.  The base of the bowl has a diamond design.  This would be so pretty on your dining room table with Christmas ornaments stacked in it.  It looks really delicate but is stronger than it looks.  I actually found three of these bowls in different designs and different sizes but all with the open lace edging.  How lucky is that.

Wouldn’t this be pretty on your buffet table serving punch?  It’s made of aluminum.  Quite ornate for what it is.  I haven’t seen one quite like this before.

Who doesn’t like cobalt blue and white.  This has a pretty windmill design on the front.  It has a German makers mark.  I usually think of these being Delft but it isn’t marked with the Delft name.  This is C.A.W. Germany.

If coffee isn’t your choice, how about tea?  I thought this was a brass teapot until I picked it up.  It’s totally pottery.  It is marked “Made in England”.  I haven’t measured it yet, but it looks like it might hold two cups.  It is such a pretty little teapot.

We never know what we’ll find.  I have a lot of research ahead of me.  I like to find out more about the things I bring home.  I am excited to go back this next weekend.  The same estate sale is having another sale.  The things that didn’t sell at half price will be marked down even farther.  The only thing I like better than a good sale, is good prices.  Check back and see what our new finds are.  Till then, Happy Holidays.

Things are changing

Things are changing

Today I want to introduce you to our latest online store, at  Right now I’m not quite sure I know how it works.  It looks like a Marketplace more than a store.  It’s new and I’ll have to learn it.  But I’ll be posting the new things we find weekly at yard sales or estate sales.  We still have our Etsy stores;




Most everything you see here will be available on these sights until they sell.

We didn’t go to any sales this week.  I’m trying to catch up listing some of the items I have already.  Last week I found some vintage leather gloves.  I love gloves right along with vintage hats.


These are so sweet with pink flowers on one pair and red flowers on the second pair.  I think they’re between a size five and six.

To find a size measure the palm of the gloves at the widest part.  Double that measurement and you should have the glove size.  These measure between 2 1/2 inches and 3 inches.

We have a wide selection of gloves.

We have a wide selection of colors

Our stores showcase a variety of items from shells and drift wood to vintage patterns, vintage housewares, belt buckles, vintage prints.  If you have an chance, check out all our stores.  They each have something different.

Have a great weekend.  I’ll be back soon.


I Love Vintage Hats!

I Love Vintage Hats!

I grew up in the fifties.  We wore hats.  We wore them to weddings with our dress gloves.  We wore them to church.  And then something happened and I got away from wearing hats. I thought they didn’t look good on me.  I felt silly wearing a hat.  Then I found vintage hats.  And I started losing my hair due to medications.  Hats became my friend.  I tried them on, but I didn’t wear them out.  Then I realized lots of ladies adored hats.  Some even loved the vintage hats.  So I started selling them in my Etsy store junkblossoms and junkblossoms2.  Yes, the stores  have the same name as my blog.  It’s easy for me to remember.  I did tell you I grew up in the fifties, so you know I’m no longer a youngster.  Anything I can do to help my memory is my friend.  Anyway, I want to show you some of my vintage hats.

This one is a pillbox from the 1960’s.  I can see my Mother wearing this to a wedding.


I believe this one is from the fifties.  It’s a velvet hat with feathers on both sides.  There is some netting but I think it had holes. The hardest thing about vintage hats is that the netting quite often doesn’t fair well over the years.  This one is a good example of that.  The hat is beautiful.  The netting can be replaced.



They were bold in their choice of colors in the fifties.  This hat is a good example of the styles of the day.  It is in very good condition.


Everyone loves a furry hat, this one is a pillbox faux fur.


Pretty in pink Bowler style hat.  The netting is in very nice condition.



This is a white woven pillbox hat from the sixties.  It has a navy velvet band at the bottom.


This is another woven hat from the sixties.  It’s more of a cloche style hat.


Any of these hats could easily be worn with today’s styles.  One thing I’ve learned collecting and selling these hats is the variety of styles, of construction and color.  Next time I’ll show you some earlier hats.  I have some very old little girls hats that are wonderful.  I hope you’ll come back and check them out.  Maybe you will even want to start a collection.  I have to warn you that your collection will take over and room to store them will become nonexistent.  You will want to take home every vintage hat you see as they all have their own character.

Weekend Treasure Hunting

Weekend Treasure Hunting

I’m waiting right now for Ron to get home from his breakfast with the guys so we can go to this awesome Estate Sale I found on  They are the place to go to find great sales.  This one is a ways away from our house, but that’s okay.  I love finding new things to list in our Etsy stores.  Last week we found a wonderful sale.  It was so good, we visited it twice.   Here’s some of what I found.

This is a pale pink depression glass bowl.  It’s footed and has a nice floral design on the wide rim.


I love boxes.  Any boxes.  With lids or without.  And I especially love boxes with writing.  This is an Armour Cloverbloom box that is still in excellent condition.  The writing is still bright.


Everyone one loves Carnival Glass.  The colors are so vivid!


This is a Johnson Farm Dairy milk jar.  I can remember milk coming in these jars with the cardboard stopper on the top.  Even the stoppers are collectible now.


This pound size butter dish is wonderful.  It had a couple chips on the rim of the lid.  That didn’t matter because it’s already sold in the store.


This is an American Tool Chest, vintage.  Some of tools are original, some I’m not to sure about.  But some little guy or girl is going to love it.  Did you notice it was another box.  That’s what caught my eye first.   The tools were a surprise!


My Etsy stores have evolved over time.  I started out mostly listing glassware.  Now I don’t limit the stores.  One of the stores has mostly vintage hats, vintage sewing patterns and belt buckles with some other unusual things thrown in.  Next time I’ll show you some of my vintage hats and later the patterns.  I love the styles from the past.  I also found a great blog that tells how to date vintage patterns.  I’ll share that with you too.

I am still rusty from not blogging for a while.  I hope you’ll bear with me.  I’m not sure what direction we’ll go with the blog, but I’m hoping we have fun!

Junkblossoms Is Back! I’m So Excited!

Junkblossoms Is Back! I’m So Excited!

So much time has passed since my last blog post.  Our lives changed and new things took our time.  If you remember junkblossoms was all about repurposing our junking finds.  We kind of got burnt out.  We no longer had the room to work or the ideas to bring to life.   Our creative minds went blank.  We were also getting older.  We had to make some decisions that fit our health and age.  Do you remember that we had booths at a flea market?  We closed them down.  So we no longer had an outlet to sell our recreations.  But we didn’t stop junking.  Instead we opened an Etsy Store.  Then Another.  And then Another.  Junkblossoms 2.0 is where we’ll share our junking finds and show you our stores.  We still go to estate sales and yard sales.  We’ve been having so much fun, we want to share that with you.  I have learned so much about so many things.

Today I’m going to share just a few photos of the things we’ve listed in our stores.  The store names are Junkblossoms, Junkblossoms2 and Blossomprintsandmore.  We hope you will visit the stores and give us some feedback.  Here are some examples of the things you will find in our stores.  In the future, I’ll write about what I’ve learned from some of these Items.  Junkblossoms isn’t going to be just about vintage items.  I’m going to share the everyday things that make me happy and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.  So here we go……Junkblossoms 2.0

Vintage chalkware

Chalkware Rooster, Colorful Gold And Red, Vintage Carnival Prize, 1950's Chalkware, Collectible Chalk Or Plaster Rooster, Rustic Decor

Vintage Snuff Bottles

Two Garrett And Sons Tobacco Scotch And Rappee Snuff Bottle, Brown Glass Bottles With Corks, 5.58 Ounce Bottles, Square Bottles With Labels

There are no many more items I want to show you.   I hope you will come back and check them out.  And maybe learn along with me.