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I Love Vintage Hats!

I Love Vintage Hats!

I grew up in the fifties.  We wore hats.  We wore them to weddings with our dress gloves.  We wore them to church.  And then something happened and I got away from wearing hats. I thought they didn’t look good on me.  I felt silly wearing a hat.  Then I found vintage hats.  And I started losing my hair due to medications.  Hats became my friend.  I tried them on, but I didn’t wear them out.  Then I realized lots of ladies adored hats.  Some even loved the vintage hats.  So I started selling them in my Etsy store junkblossoms and junkblossoms2.  Yes, the stores  have the same name as my blog.  It’s easy for me to remember.  I did tell you I grew up in the fifties, so you know I’m no longer a youngster.  Anything I can do to help my memory is my friend.  Anyway, I want to show you some of my vintage hats.

This one is a pillbox from the 1960’s.  I can see my Mother wearing this to a wedding.


I believe this one is from the fifties.  It’s a velvet hat with feathers on both sides.  There is some netting but I think it had holes. The hardest thing about vintage hats is that the netting quite often doesn’t fair well over the years.  This one is a good example of that.  The hat is beautiful.  The netting can be replaced.



They were bold in their choice of colors in the fifties.  This hat is a good example of the styles of the day.  It is in very good condition.


Everyone loves a furry hat, this one is a pillbox faux fur.


Pretty in pink Bowler style hat.  The netting is in very nice condition.



This is a white woven pillbox hat from the sixties.  It has a navy velvet band at the bottom.


This is another woven hat from the sixties.  It’s more of a cloche style hat.


Any of these hats could easily be worn with today’s styles.  One thing I’ve learned collecting and selling these hats is the variety of styles, of construction and color.  Next time I’ll show you some earlier hats.  I have some very old little girls hats that are wonderful.  I hope you’ll come back and check them out.  Maybe you will even want to start a collection.  I have to warn you that your collection will take over and room to store them will become nonexistent.  You will want to take home every vintage hat you see as they all have their own character.