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Dreaming of The Beach

Dreaming of The Beach

It’s gray and rainy here in Tennessee.  It’s a little chilly, too.  Days like these are when my thoughts go to the beach.  Actually, if I’m honest, my thoughts are never far from the beach.  Remember the old song “I left my heart in San Francisco”?  Mine is in the panhandle of Florida, Pensacola to be exact.  So when I go junking whether it’s an estate sale or a yard sale, I grab every shell I can find.  Yard and estate sales are my shelling grounds since I can’t walk the beaches and look.  Pensacola beach is not a great place to look for shells.  It’s something about a shelf in the ocean that prevents the tides from bringing them into shore.  I do read on Facebook, on the shell pages of all the great beaches for shelling and I get a little envious.  Until, that is, I find some wonderful shells inland, here.

I didn’t realize just how nice a collection I have until I started taking photos to show you.  I will tell you the names of these shells, if I know them.  Most I don’t and that’s okay with me.  I just enjoy looking at them and decorating with them.  So here we go.

This one is a Blue Channel Welk.  I know because someone on the shell Facebook page shared a photo of one and asked if anyone had one.  I thought mine was just a discolored Whelk, nothing fancy.

This next shell is another Whelk.  I just don’t know the proper name.  I love the creamy color on the inside.

I don’t know the names of the next few.  I just know I love the colors and the different shapes.  I believe God is the greatest artist ever to come up will all these different shells.

I think I’ve shown you enough for today.   There is one more that I think you will  all recognise and that is the  Abalone.  The colors are beautiful.  It’s funny how beautiful it is inside and how plain it is outside.  Just like it is with people our loveliness is inside, but we’re judged by outside.  Just like seashells, we’re tossed and turned by life.  We bear our scars just as the shells do.  But that just makes us lovelier.

Weekend Treasure Hunting

Weekend Treasure Hunting

I’m waiting right now for Ron to get home from his breakfast with the guys so we can go to this awesome Estate Sale I found on  They are the place to go to find great sales.  This one is a ways away from our house, but that’s okay.  I love finding new things to list in our Etsy stores.  Last week we found a wonderful sale.  It was so good, we visited it twice.   Here’s some of what I found.

This is a pale pink depression glass bowl.  It’s footed and has a nice floral design on the wide rim.


I love boxes.  Any boxes.  With lids or without.  And I especially love boxes with writing.  This is an Armour Cloverbloom box that is still in excellent condition.  The writing is still bright.


Everyone one loves Carnival Glass.  The colors are so vivid!


This is a Johnson Farm Dairy milk jar.  I can remember milk coming in these jars with the cardboard stopper on the top.  Even the stoppers are collectible now.


This pound size butter dish is wonderful.  It had a couple chips on the rim of the lid.  That didn’t matter because it’s already sold in the store.


This is an American Tool Chest, vintage.  Some of tools are original, some I’m not to sure about.  But some little guy or girl is going to love it.  Did you notice it was another box.  That’s what caught my eye first.   The tools were a surprise!


My Etsy stores have evolved over time.  I started out mostly listing glassware.  Now I don’t limit the stores.  One of the stores has mostly vintage hats, vintage sewing patterns and belt buckles with some other unusual things thrown in.  Next time I’ll show you some of my vintage hats and later the patterns.  I love the styles from the past.  I also found a great blog that tells how to date vintage patterns.  I’ll share that with you too.

I am still rusty from not blogging for a while.  I hope you’ll bear with me.  I’m not sure what direction we’ll go with the blog, but I’m hoping we have fun!

Junkblossoms Is Back! I’m So Excited!

Junkblossoms Is Back! I’m So Excited!

So much time has passed since my last blog post.  Our lives changed and new things took our time.  If you remember junkblossoms was all about repurposing our junking finds.  We kind of got burnt out.  We no longer had the room to work or the ideas to bring to life.   Our creative minds went blank.  We were also getting older.  We had to make some decisions that fit our health and age.  Do you remember that we had booths at a flea market?  We closed them down.  So we no longer had an outlet to sell our recreations.  But we didn’t stop junking.  Instead we opened an Etsy Store.  Then Another.  And then Another.  Junkblossoms 2.0 is where we’ll share our junking finds and show you our stores.  We still go to estate sales and yard sales.  We’ve been having so much fun, we want to share that with you.  I have learned so much about so many things.

Today I’m going to share just a few photos of the things we’ve listed in our stores.  The store names are Junkblossoms, Junkblossoms2 and Blossomprintsandmore.  We hope you will visit the stores and give us some feedback.  Here are some examples of the things you will find in our stores.  In the future, I’ll write about what I’ve learned from some of these Items.  Junkblossoms isn’t going to be just about vintage items.  I’m going to share the everyday things that make me happy and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.  So here we go……Junkblossoms 2.0

Vintage chalkware

Chalkware Rooster, Colorful Gold And Red, Vintage Carnival Prize, 1950's Chalkware, Collectible Chalk Or Plaster Rooster, Rustic Decor

Vintage Snuff Bottles

Two Garrett And Sons Tobacco Scotch And Rappee Snuff Bottle, Brown Glass Bottles With Corks, 5.58 Ounce Bottles, Square Bottles With Labels

There are no many more items I want to show you.   I hope you will come back and check them out.  And maybe learn along with me.