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Learning Something Everyday

Learning Something Everyday

I love my Etsy stores and I love selling vintage items.  I am by no means an expert on vintage.  Quite often I get questions about something I’ve listed in my store.  That’s when I learn the most.  This week I had a buyer ask me how I knew the Sandwich glass dishes I am selling were made by the glass makers of Sandwich, MA.

That question had me on the internet looking for information on Sandwich glass.  I found out that there were several companies selling a sandwich glass.  This is glassware patterned off the original Sandwich glassmakers.  Westmoreland, Indiana Glass, Anchor Hocking and Duncan & Miller were some of these companies.  The patterns varied slightly by each company.

This is a quote from the internet I found.

“The other usage of the term Sandwich Glass refers to some specific glassware patterns produced by a number of makers from the 1920s to present. These patterns were inspired by a group of patterns made popular by those Sandwich, MA glassmakers that have a flower and ornate scroll motif with the space between filled with stippling (tiny raised dots). The phrase “Sandwich pattern” would be much more accurate for these later pieces, as the common thread is the similarity of the patterns as opposed to the common locale of the various glassmakers.”

I knew enough to know that the pattern was sandwich glass but not enough to know which company was the maker.  I quickly changed my listing from Sandwich glass to Sandwich pattern.

I appreciate my shoppers and buyers so much.  They have challenged me in many ways.  My knowledge continues to grow because of them.