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My Newest Vintage Love

My Newest Vintage Love

I have two Etsy stores online.  I love what I do.  The best part of selling on line is finding new and exciting things to sell.  Usually it’s an item or two.  Ron, my partner, says that for me it’s the hunt that I like best.  And I think he’s right.  I am always eager to visit that new estate sale.  I usually wait for the last day of the sale to get the best price.  Doing this, I don’t always get the best items.  There is always this battle of the cost of the item and making a decent profit when reselling it.  I’m always looking for different things to sell.  I also have a love of anything tropical and have tried to include these items in my inventory.  I changed the name of one of my stores to reflect this, Mybeachandmore.  I try to include sea shells and ocean items with the other vintage items I sell.  While thrifting with a friend this past week, I noticed Hawaiian shirts at the thrift store. They peaked my interest.  I didn’t buy any that day but came home and hit the internet for information.  Oh my goodness, I am amazed at the different patterns, styles and makers.

The colors are gorgeous.  There are many artists who make them.  I was entralled.  I ordered books to learn more. I researched the shirt makers.


I researched patterns, colors and artists. I cannot wait to learn more. I am also waiting for that special find, when I come across an early Hawaiian shirt.


The above Hawaiian shirts are from the 1970’s and 1980’s.  The earlier the shirts, the more collectible they are.  The value is also determined by who made them.  Some of the most famous and desirable are Musa-Shiya The Shirtmaker of Shoten, Ltd. and designer Elsie Das of Elsie Das’s Hawaiian Originals, who pioneered the Hawaiian shirt as we know it.   The early shirts of the twenties were made of silk and cotton.  Coconut was used as buttons on them.  I am barely touching on the history of the Hawaiian shirt.  I know that I can find them at the thrift stores.  So the hunt has expanded.  I don’t have to wait for that estate sale.  I can go to any thrift store and look.  Let the hunt begin.